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Think Gypsy at Grand Bavaro Princess REsort
Why you'll love Grand Bavaro Princess

I woke up today dreaming about a place. A place with water so blue you could swear it’s photoshopped. A place where coconut water is actually served out of a fresh coconut. A place that combines the tropics with luxury........

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Think Gypsy at La Maison Favart Paris
Open Door Helicopter Rides above Tampa & the Skyway Bridge

As we soar through the sky, the cool wind hitting my face, all I hear is the humming of the Helicopter blades. The Tampa Bay skyline looks so close I feel like I could touch it.......

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Think Gypsy at Ritzenhof am See, Saalfelden Austria
Snow Covered Hotel Ritzenhof

I’ve got mountains on my mind… no really, it’s hard to think about anything else when you are standing on your snow-covered balcony, drinking your morning coffee and all you can see all around you are mountains and mountains and mountains! Good morning from the winter paradise that is Ritzenhof Am See!

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