Things to do in Miami

Wynwood Walls Miami

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Where to stay — what to eat — what to do.

When I think Miami I think spring break, night clubs, beach parties, and of course CSI Miami. But after spending a long weekend there I discovered that Miami is so much more than Horatio Caine

Yes, Miami is filled with penthouses that rise high into the sky, dazzling yachts that rocket across the water, and expensive cars that all seem to be convertibles, but Miami is also home to some of the countries most delicious food and beaches with crystal blue waters. If you are planning a weekend in Miami, here are my insider tips that will make you feel like a local.

Because Miami is such a large city filled with one-way roads and inner city highways, it is suuuuuper important to narrow down what area you want to stay in. Personally I recommend staying in the Brickell district. It is very up and coming and the perfect combination of luxury and off the beaten path. This past weekend I stayed right outside of Brickell in the Intercontinental Miami.

Being right on the water this hotel offers rooms with breathtaking views. Lets face it, who doesn't like waking up and watching the sunrise over the ocean? Even the pool deck offers a fairy tale perfect view of all the yachts heading out on the daily.

Insider tip: if you book a room at the Intercontinental, pay the extra fee and get club level access. The lounge offers a delicious breakfast and an epic happy hour that makes it totally worth the money.
Intercontinental Hotel Miami


If there is one thing you need to understand about me it is that I am a foodie. I know every girl likes to say that she is food obsessed but I'm serious. The first thing I look for when I travel somewhere is where to get the craziest and most delicious food. So here are my secret tips for the best of the best in Miami.

Insider tip: MAKE A RESERVATION IN ADVANCE!!!! Miami is such a busy city, if you do not make a reservation you will starve or get stuck eating fast food.

- Breakfast -

For me, breakfast is all about a cute atmosphere and equally cute dishes. These are some of my favorites.

CECCONI'S at Soho Beach House

- Lunch -

Personally I don't like to pig out for lunch. Something light and yummy is better to keep up my strength while I'm out and about.
Under the Mango tree

- Drinks -

Even though these magical hours around sunset may not seem like they need their own category, in Miami, happy hour is essential for many restaurants and definitely not something you want to miss out on.
Sugar Miami Rooftop Bar

- Dinner -

Finally it's that time of the day where we get to get all dressed up, feel fabulous, stuff our faces, and then pass out in bed. It is dinner time in Miami and your possibilities are endless.



I'm usually not one to recommend touristy things just because there's nothing that I hate more than being in an over crowded area. However, the WYNWOOD WALLS are my exception. Street after street, colorful murals tower high on every open space. Park your car on any street and just start walking.

Insider tip: Yes there will be people just like you taking picture after picture so I would definitely try to get there a little early. Maybe even grab some breakfast at one of the cute coffee shops when you get there.


The Miami design district reminds me so much of something you would find in Los Angeles. Filled with designer shops, small boutiques, and amazing restaurants, this area in Miami makes you feel like you have been transported into a movie and are about to embark on a shopping marathon.
Miami Letters at the Design District


Now this one is a little bit of a drive but definitely worth checking out. Being in such a big city like Miami can get overwhelming so I like to mix things up by adding some scenic activities to my schedule. This lighthouse was recommended to me by the concierge at the Intercontinental and it was amazing. With a gorgeous walkway shaded by tall palm trees, a long spiraling staircase leading to the top, and a view that one could only dream about; the Cape Florida Lighthouse is a must see!
Cape Florida Lighthouse
I think that everyone has a different idea of how they want to spend their weekend in Miami. Everyone has expectations of what Miami should be like and that's okay. But I also think that it can be really easy to get overwhelmed by all of the amazing things that there are to see, do, and eat so it is important to narrow it down. After all, if you jam too many things into a short time you wont really be able to enjoy any of them. So take some of my tips and enjoy your epic weekend in Miami!

A big thank you to Chef Alex Feher for an unforgettable stay at the Intercontinental Miami!