5 Tips to Keep You Warm in the Cold Austrian Winter

think gypsy in Maria Alm
Happy Monday everyone!

Let me just start by saying that I am a sun-loving girl! I may have been born in Austria and I love where I am from but being raised in Florida means that my body NEEDS the heat to survive. I have been back home in Austria for exactly one week now and I feel like I have added a layer of clothes each day, desperately trying to stay warm!

This may come as a surprise to everyone but snow is flipping cold!! I mean seriously I don't think my toes have thawed since I first stepped foot into this winter wonderland. But if you are anything like me then you will do anything to be able to explore the snowy Alps, even if that means wearing 5 pairs of pants! So here are 5 quick tips that I have come up within the past week that are guaranteed to help you keep warm!

1. Layer like you have never layered before!

I'm not just talking about thermal long johns and a long sleeve shirt under everything. I'm talking about at least 2 shirts, I sweater shirt, a long coat, thermal leggings, regular leggings, and ski pants! You'll feel like a giant marshmallow but you'll be warm!

2. Get snow boots!

I know hunter boots or cute booties are great for pictures but your toes will fall off! You need something that is thick material and definitely waterproof!! My favorite pair is the Danbury Leather Heeled Hiker Boots from Cougar. They are waterproof, temperature resistant, super comfy and match literally any outfit! They are by far the best winter boots that I have found so far!
think gypsy in styer austria throwing snow 1
think gypsy in styer austria throwing snow 2
think gypsy in styer austria throwing snow 3

3. Heat up your socks and gloves!

You haven't experienced true joy until you have warmed up a pair of socks and gloves with a blow dryer before stepping out into the snow! They cool down fast but those 5 seconds of heat are the perfect boost to get yourself to open that front door!

4. Wrap yourself up like a mummy!

The cold snow would be easy to handle if it wasn't for the icy wind! So get ahead of the game and wrap up with a nice big scarf and for the love of everything don't forget a beanie! Those warm covered ears will thank you!

5. Commit!!!

If you aren't 110% ready to drive into that snow and take on the winter then good luck! Not going to lie, getting out of my bed on the first day and stepping onto the cold floor was not enjoyable! But if you wake up totally determined and ready to play in the snow, then the cold doesn't hit you as hard! Okay, it still does but at least this way you can trick your brain into liking the cold air!
think gypsy in styer austria shaking snow 1
think gypsy in styer austria shaking snow 2
Okay, so I may not be a cold weather expert yet but these tricks have been helping me so far! I have a long 7 weeks ahead of me so I'll keep you posted on how I survive them!
think gypsy in styer austria shaking snow 3