5 Trendiest Coffee Shops in Budapest

think gypsy at zoo cafe in budapest
There are two things I love, travel and coffee! Travel is all about finding the craziest places and most unique experiences while coffee is about finding a way to unwind and relax. So, one of the first things I do when I travel to a new city is look up unique coffee shops. I mean if I can combine an unforgettable experience with a perfect cup of coffee then my trip is officially a success! If you feel the same way then Budapest needs to be a must-see destination for you! Not only is the gorgeous area overfilled with trendy things to do, but it also has some of the most amazing coffee shops that I have ever been to.

Here are my favorite 5 coffee shops in Budapest:

1. Fekete

This was actually where I tried my first matcha late! Personally, a regular late is more my kind of thing but it was actually pretty good! This cute little coffee shop has a gorgeous outside sitting area and a very upbeat crowd!
think gypsy at fekete budapest
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2. New York Palace Café

This place has actually been voted as one of the world's most beautiful coffee houses! Filled with white marble, red velvet, and gorgeous gold detail, this coffee house will make you feel like you are surrounded by elegance. Definitely worth a visit!

3. Zoo Cafe

This was my personal favorite! You get to drink coffee while playing with animals! Okay so it may sound a little unhygienic to sip coffee while a lizard crawls across the table and a snake is wrapped around your hand, but it was insanely fun! We even got to play with a bunny for a little while!
think gypsy with lizard at zoo cafe
think gypsy with snake at zoo cafe
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4. Cafe Gerbeaud

Having first opened back in 1858, this is one of the oldest coffee shops in Budapest. It is known to be a real classic; and with the chandeliers and amazing pastries, it is still one of the best!

5. Vinyl and Wood

I am not kidding when I say we ate breakfast here every day! This was an accidental find actually. We had just arrived and were starving and it was right down the street from our Airbnb. It ended up being amazing! Little insider tip, aside from their amazing flat white coffees, they make this rice pudding with fresh fruit that is to die for!
think gypsy at vinyl and wood
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