Oktoberfest with Stoke Travel

think gypsy chugging oktoberfest
There are a few things that every 20-something year old should have on his or her bucket list and Oktoberfest with Stoke Travel needs to be one of them!! (BOOK NOW)

If you have never walked into a beer tent at 8 am wearing a lederhosen or a dirndl and tired to chug one of those massive Hofbrauhaus beers then you have not truly lived!!

Now, to be honest, I was never much of a festival person. Something about drinking and camping just wasn't my thing, OR SO I THOUGHT. So when Austin first asked me if I wanted to go to Oktoberfest and stay with a company called Stoke Travel I was not super thrilled by the idea. Especially seeing as it would be in the middle of our month-long backpacking trip and I had a feeling that we were going to be tired and cranky by then. But after a few days of convincing, our tickets were booked and boom... two months later, there we were, getting off of a bus in Munich!

ps... here is me with my giant backpack from backpacking sitting at the bus stop trying to figure out where our campsite is!
think gypsy at bustop munich
The one thing you need to know about Oktoberfest is that the entire city of Munich goes all out for it! Right away, all we saw were people running around dressed up in their festival gear. I mean, as we walked to our campsite, we literally watched people come out of office buildings in full lederhosen getup for a quick trip to the festival during their lunch hour. It was amazing! As if the entire city being in full Oktoberfest spirit wasn't enough to get us in the party mood, our campsite an absolute riot too!

Arriving at the Stoke Travel Oktoberfest campsite is like entering a whole different world. A world filled with unlimited beer, hilarious staff, amazing music, and a constant positive vibe! We quickly got all checked in, got our tent, and got our drink wristbands! The handy thing about these bands was that with them, we would be drinking for free at the campsite all weekend!
(Get the wristband free using the code 'THINKGYPSY")

We spent some time walking around exploring the campsite and taking it all in. The place was filled with stages, party tents, and people from all over the world. There is something about the people at Stoke, they are just genuinely pumped to be there and that spirit rubs off on you instantly. Everyone was decked out in festival clothes, looking ready for an unforgettable weekend!
stoke travel 1
stoke travel 2
stoke pic 3
stoke pic 4
It didn't take long for the Oktoberfest spirit to kick in. After meeting the funny Stoke Travel bartender who made us both chug our beers by yelling “f***ing skull it mates” we were feelin ourselves and were ready to take on the actual Oktoberfest! All that was left to do was to get the outfits. Thank god for Stoke because they have traditional lederhosen and dirndls ready for you to buy right there! We changed and hopped on a bus with everyone else from our campsite and headed right into the heart of the festival!

Walking up through the giant entrance of Oktoberfest I swear I felt like a little kid going to the fair. There were crazy rides, stands with games, lots of delicious smelling goodies, and of course the giant beer tents! We had been warned that there is no chance of getting a table at the main tent at Hofbrauhaus after 8 am but we decided to just go in and check it out! Next thing I know we are being grabbed by the beer maids, handed giant mugs of beer, and shoved at a table with a bunch of strangers! Lucky for us they were Americans from Texas and we ended up having blast getting to know all of them. We even ran into a fellow traveler and got into a bit of a chugging match. Not to toot my own horn but who does it look like the winner was ;) Things get a little blurry after that haha!
oktoberfest 1
oktoberfest 2
oktoberfest 3
oktoberfest 4
After the sun went down we headed back to the campsite expecting to get a little bit of rest… not a chance! I swear the party going on at Stoktoberfest was probably even crazier than the actual Oktoberfest. There was a live music show going on and something called the wheel of dares. All I can tell you is that with a wheel that had an option for “run naked around the campsite” on it, I was insanely relieved that it landed on “sangria chug” for me and Austin! We spent our night living it up with the coolest campers ever!

Fast forward to the next morning, I woke up to the campsite looking busier than ever! It being the last weekend of Oktoberfest, they pulled out all the stops! Giant trucks were bringing what seemed like endless beer to the campsite and girls were standing in line to get glitter paint done. Of course, Austin and I decided to embrace every second of all the madness! With glitter-covered bodies and bellies full of beer and we jumped on the first bus to the festival and had the times of our lives!
beer delivery
glitter one
glitter 2
Needless to say, it was a memorable weekend! I look back now and am so happy we got to experience everything that is Oktoberfest.

Now if you are thinking about going to Oktoberfest this year but just aren't sure how to go about organizing it, here is my advice for you...

Why spend a ton of money on an Airbnb or a hotel where you will be all alone when you can come back to a campsite that is literally designed to never let the party stop? Seems like a no-brainer to me... here is the link... do it and let's have a blast!

PS. Like I mentioned earlier, if you want free beer and sangria, this code is for you!!! "THINKGYPSY"