Stoke Travel

Why do you travel? I know this may sound like a super easy question. Like maybe you just want to get away or maybe you saw some cool-looking place on the internet and want to go see it. And although answers like those are great, I can guarantee there is some to your wanderlust that you may realize.

Instead of just wanting to get away, maybe you are searching for a new experience that will excite and drive you! Or instead of wanting to just see a cool place, maybe you trying to open your eyes to a culture and a lifestyle that is different to the one you see every day. Maybe the reason that we all travel is because we know that the world is out there, just waiting for us to see it with our own eyes! That is what Stoke Travel wants to help you do!

Never heard of Stoke Travel? Let me give you a quick little intro. Picture a travel company that doesn't just want to take you to see different countries, but wants to push you past your comfort zones and makes you experience the world in the most real and adventurous way. Now if you just want to travel to a country to relax and take a vacation, then this is not the spot for you. But if you want to party on a boat in Barcelona, chug a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, or surf like you have never surfed before, then Stoke Travel has you covered. If you need to know one thing about this company it is that they “chase fun around the world and find it in the most unlikely places.” From festivals to party trips, to just epic action-packed experiences, a trip with Stoke is never boring.

As a bunch of you know by now, I am heading back to my second trip with Stoke Travel at their one of a kind, Stoketoberfest! As if Oktoberfest wasn't already enough of a party being the biggest beer festival in the world, Stoke Travel adds to the excitement by setting up a festival within the festival. Everything from the campsite to the open bar and DJ stage is designed to make sure your Oktoberfest spirit never dies down!

If you are still not sure if you are ready to take on a trip with Stoke Travel, HERE IS THEIR WEBSITE! Take some time and scroll through all of the experiences they offer. There are endless opportunities and a little something for everyone! Get Stoked about traveling again!