Ultimate Guide to Pula, Croatia

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Finding a good place to stay can make or break a vacation. With Croatia growing in popularity, it is no surprise that big cities can become a bit expensive. So to get away from the crowds and to avoid breaking the bank, I would recommend staying in one of the smaller cities on the outskirts. During our trip to Pula, we actually stayed in a cute little town called Vodnjan. The city was small and quiet which made it the best place to unwind after our busy days.

Here is the Airbnb that we stayed in!


I've got one word for you, seafood!
If you go to Croatia you better be prepared to dive into a culinary world filled with seafood. Now usually, I am not the biggest fish fan. I love mussels, crab, shrimp… pretty much all other seafood just not fish. But I also have this rule when I travel and it is to eat like a local and try every classic dish at least once!

So here are some of the must-try dishes in Croatia:
The little fishes are smothered in garlic and cooked until extra crispy and you eat the ENTIRE fish, bones, and all. As nervous as I was about trying these, they were actually amazing!

What makes these unique in Croatia is that the dish doesn't just come with the classic black shells but also with smaller colorful mussels!

Do yourself a favor and do not get the calamari fried, get them grilled! I know fried seems like a safe option, especially for those of you who aren't the biggest squid fans, but grilled is really the way to go! I got these grilled calamari that were served with lots of lemon and it might have been my favorite meal of the trip!
A lot of people don't know this but Croatia is a huuuuuuge truffle country. While driving around you will see sign after sign offering fresh truffles. Get them in a salad or pasta, you won't regret it.

Olive Oil
I know when you think of olive oil you probably think of Greece or Italy but Croatia is also very well known for its olive oils. In fact, you can even tour an olive oil farm and test the different sorts.

We got lucky and were actually staying in an Airbnb that was right next to a local olive oil company. We got to meet the owner and test through some amazing oils. If you are ever in Vodnjan, I highly recommend trying Meloto olive oil!

Aperol Spritz
This colorful summer drink needs to explantation other than that it is sooo yummy!

Local Beer
If you are out at dinner, try something a little different! Ask your server if they have any local beers on the menu and which one is recommended. You might be surprised at how good some of them are!


Okay so now we get to the best part, what to do and where to do it! Obviously, if you are planning your trip to Croatia you are on the hunt for epic cliffs, hidden beaches, and unique restaurants. Well lucky for you we found a whole bunch. Here are some of the top spots I recommend you check out!

PS I am going to include GPS coordinates because a lot of the spots aren't on any maps and require a short walk to actually get to!

The hanging bridge and slide

Aside from the fact that this hanging bridge is the ultimate insta-worthy spot, it is also surrounded by cliffs with breathtaking views. Plus, there is a slide that goes right into the water which you can rent for as long as you want.
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Lost Beach

This is the same spot as the hanging bridge but I wanted to make a separate note because the location also has a really cool, crazy looking cliff bar. If you are looking for something different, make a note to grab a beer and watch the sunset here!
lost beach bar
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Beach Mala Kolumbarica

Not only does this spot have an epic, Safari-themed beach bar, but it also has some of the most amazing cliffs I have ever seen!
Mala Kolumbarica Beach
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Just a quick drive away from our last spot is another beach bar with a view you can't get over. Plus, with a windsurfing company close by, there is always some action in the water!
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Seagull's Rock

Last but not least, this was probably my favorite spot that we went to!
Tucked away, Seagull's Rock is an entire coastline filled with different cliffs, caves, and beaches. The ultimate spot for photos obviously!
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