RV Trip Memories

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Is it just me or are road trips becoming more and more popular? I feel like everyone I know is packing up in a camper van or an RV and driving across America right now. And honestly… I could not be more jealous!! Companies like RVShare make road trips so easy.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for traveling over-seas! Traveling to different countries and exploring other cultures is a beautiful thing, but there is definitely something about a road trip that you can't replace. I don't know if it is the fact that every day is a new adventure, or that you have a kitchen right next to your bedroom, but taking a trip in an RV has always been one of my favorite ways to get away. In fact, my family has been taking RV trips ever since my sister and I were little kids. Remember the movie RV with Robin Williams, that's usually what one of our family trips looked like. I mean seriously... look at this gang of weirdos!
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This one time, we were on a trip to Tennessee and we got to this gorgeous RV park. We checked in with the working park rangers and made sure there were no poisonous animals that we had to worry about. They assured us that other than the occasional snake the whole park was safe. So flash forward to a few hours later, we decided to take a dip in this lake. People were snorkeling and floating around on tubes so we jumped right in. Not even minutes later I feel something brush my legs. I look over and catch a glimpse of something slithering away… that's right SLITHERING! Before I know it, people all around us start screaming and running. I look around and all I see are snakes…. everywhere…. I kid you not, the entire lake was filled with snakes. Oh, fun times.
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Another adventure happened on one of our earliest RV trips when my mom, my sister, and I decided to have a lazy day in the RV while my dad went fishing. A few hours later he comes back… He looked like he had been torn to shreds. His clothes were ripped, he was soaking wet, his fishing pole was broken and he was bleeding. He started telling us this crazy story of his adventure with the aggressive fish in the river. Turns out he had just slipped and fallen on a bunch of wet rocks. But to this day, he loves to tell people that he was attacked by fish!
There was also the time we had an entire luxury resort in the middle of Texas all to our selves! We had been driving through the heart of Texas when we came across this town called Lajitas. You know those ghost towns you see in old western movies? This was definitely where those movies got their inspiration. It was a tiny town in the middle of nowhere surrounded by open desert planes and graveyards. As we kept driving, suddenly there was a luxury resort in front of us. We couldn't help but stop and check it out! Turns out they were in extreme offseason so we got a spot to park the RV and got a room. This resort was equipped with a golf course, dude ranch, RV parks, western towns, and so much more! And we were literally the only guests there. Probably one of the coolest experience ever!
Honestly, I could tell you stories for hours and never run out. Packing your family into an RV and driving across the country may not sound like a good idea to everyone but I am telling you, it is an experience that you will never forget. The memories you will make are just unlike anything else. From finding crazy RV lots to driving on narrow roads through the mountains, everything is exciting. And the best part is, you don't even have to own an RV to have the experience. Rental companies like RVShare are all over the country, waiting to create a tailored trip for you. To make things even better, you can take one-way rental trips. What this basically means is that you can take an RV from point A to point B and not have to worry about returning it. It is such a great way to take your traveling to a new level!

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