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The Biltmore Hotel

think gypsy at bitlmore hotel coral gables
Everyone has different reasons why they travel. Some want to experience new things and be adventurous while others simply want to get away from life for a little and find a spot to relax. But no matter what your motivation is, we all travel to escape the ordinary and get a change in scenery! That is exactly what my last trip down to Miami was for me. I had been feeling so blocked and stressed lately that I was in desperate need of some new travel inspiration. I know it sounds crazy, but living in Florida you do eventually get tired of seeing the same beaches and the same palm trees day in and day out. So when the opportunity came up to take a mini trip down to Miami to visit the Biltmore Hotel, I didn't even think twice about it!

Okay so I know what you're thinking, isn't Miami just more beaches and more palm trees? Well yes, but the Biltmore Hotel is a completely different escape of its own. Stepping into the Biltmore Hotel is like being transported into a world of Spanish and Italian luxury with just a hint of Miami. Picture the tropical Floridian environment mixed with the classic Mediterranean architecture. Sounds a little crazy doesn't it? Well, that crazy unique style is exactly what has made the Biltmore hotel so popular since it was named a National Historic Landmark back in 1996. As we drove through Coral Gables towards the hotel, you could already see the famous tower peeking through above the palm trees. It really does make you feel like you are arriving at a castle! All that was missing were my glass slippers and fairygodmother!
Once inside and all checked in it was time to explore! I'm not going to lie, I had seen tons of pictures and videos of the hotels from other bloggers and even some tv shows so it was crazy to be there in person! The hotel was filled with gorgeous details, even the lobby could take one's breath away. But my absolute favorite area was at the center of the hotel. You could walk out the double doors and would find yourself in a two-story courtyard, filled with tropical plants, gorgeous colors, and even parrots flying around. It had an almost Indonesian vibe to it with all of the painted details!
After a bit of wandering around, we finally decided to actually head up to our room and get settled in. The junior suite was bright and airy and finished with the same elegant details that we saw throughout the hotel! The colors definitely went along with the castle like structure of the hotel and gave off a royal look. And the best part, we had a perfect view of the entire pool!

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biltmore hotel junior suite
As the forecast for the week was mostly rainy, we didn't hesitate to soak up the last few hours of sunshine and headed right down to the pool. Being one of the largest hotel pools in the US, we had no trouble finding the perfect spot! Everything from the tropical palm trees to the Italian sculptures gave the pool that perfect story book feel. Looking around, this was probably my favorite spot in the entire hotel!

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biltmore hotel pool
biltmore hotel pool 2
The pool had tons of lounge chairs available, as well as private cabanas that could be rented for the day. And when I say private I mean it! Being completely covered by gorgeous palm trees and tropical plants, the cabanas are a great spot to get some much needed quiet time!
biltmore hotel cabana
The day soon came to an end and we took the opportunity to have dinner in the gorgeous courtyard at Fontana. Between the twinkle lights, the splashing of the fountain, and the delicious food, our dinner was the perfect way to wrap up the night. We did have a little unexpected rainstorm hit halfway through dinner but the entire wait staff was quick to help relocate all the guests to tables indoors. It was a great way to get to experience the restaurant from both outside and inside tables!

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biltmore hotel dinner
biltmore hotel dinner pic 2
The next day we were happily surprised by only a few clouds in the morning. We ended up taking the day to explore the large golf course at the hotel. You can rent everything you need right there and then even head to the 19th hole restaurant to grab a bite to eat after your game. Little added bonus, the hotel now has a brand new super station/ learning bay! It is a fully redesigned and enhanced practice area.

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biltmore hotel golf
As we walked around the hotel, we stumbled upon a gorgeous fountain inside of a courtyard. My inner blogger couldn't resist the perfect photo opp spot so we stopped and set up a little picnic for some pictures. I mean come on, this spot was a pure fairytale! Well, apparently it is a super popular spot for weddings because not even 10 minutes later we were interrupted by an entire wedding party and the prep team. We did stick around for a bit to see everything being set up and then it looks like a beautiful spot for a ceremony!
The rest of the day did get a little rainy so we took some time exploring the inside amenities of the hotel like the gym and the spa. The Biltmore Hotel has recently partnered up with Technogym to make sure the fully equipped gym comes with all of of the latest innovative technology for fitness. After a good workout, guests can head up to the spa to enjoy everything from a serene environment to the newest in skincare treatments!

As we packed up the car and drove away the next morning, I couldn't help but find it a bit funny that it was pouring rain. It felt like one of those super sappy scenes in a movie where the main character has to say goodbye and you hear a monologue about everything that he or she will miss. Leaving the Biltmore Hotel was bittersweet but I hope I will be back soon!

PS: When driving out of Miami in the pouring rain, do not take alligator alley! Backroads plus heavy rain plus Florida drivers equals a very interesting combination and some Kimberly road rage!

Biltmore Hotel
1200 Anastasia Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33134