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Parisian Elegance at Le Narcisse Blanc

Parisian Elegance at Le Narcisse Blanc
There is something about a boutique hotel in Paris that just makes you feel like you are stepping into a movie. They have a certain elegance that can't be found anywhere else. During our last visit to Paris, we had the opportunity to do a little boutique hotel hopping and our first stay was at Le Narcisse Blanc Hôtel & Spa. This chic boutique hotel is located in what I can only describe as the true heart of Paris. Surrounded by coffee shops and bakeries, the warm neighborhood almost makes you feel like a local.

As we arrived and walked through that front door of Le Narcisse Blanc, I immediately felt the magic that I was looking for. That Parisian vibe, the one you see in the movies. The perfect combination of luxury and city. I felt like I should be hearing the soft sounds of an accordion playing in the background. As I walked around the lobby I was surrounded by soft pink tones and big open windows. Everything was decorated perfectly down to the details. As we checked in we treated ourselves to a little afternoon snack, a cheese board, and a glass of wine!
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We were soon able to get settled into our room. Now, remember that perfect decorated lobby that I mentioned before? The rooms were no different. Our adorable pink room was styled to at. The soft tones of the room went hand in hand with the gorgeous marble in the bathroom. It definitely added my Paris fairytale.

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We spent the rest of our day and night exploring the Eiffel Tower area, grabbing some snacks from local shops. We spent our night sipping wine and enjoying a picnic while we watched the sunset and the Eiffel Tower light up in twinkling lights. It was every bit as romantic as I had always hoped. We woke up still feeling that happiness in our hearts and decided to treat ourselves to room service. A big bonus at Le Narcisse Blanc is that your breakfast is included and you can order it to your room at no additional cost. We decided to go all out, enjoying pastries and baked goods along with fresh fruit and juices. It was a breakfast for champions!
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After a few business meetings in the morning, we decided to take full advantage of the spa and get some relaxation time in. A little fun fact, Le Narcisse Blanc is a unique boutique hotel because aside from the rooms, it also has a full-service restaurant and a fully equipped spa and pool. The spa is on the lower level with a large glass ceiling to let in some natural light. It is completely covered in black and white marble and filled with robes, fluffy white towels, and giant day beds. We spent a few hours warming up in the Jacuzzi and lounging in our robes. It was the perfect way to unwind!

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If I had to describe Le Narcisse Blanc Hôtel & Spa in two words it would be a simple luxury. It is a hotel that is designed to make you feel like you are stepping into a whole new world. Everything from the quiet guests to the happy staff makes gives the whole hotel a feeling of calm serenity. It is definitely the perfect place to escape the busy streets of Paris and experience true elegance.

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