Florida Fall Fashion

Break out the flannels and dust off those boots. I feel like this year has just flown by! I mean I was just celebrating my 22nd birthday and now it's already mid-September and we all know what that means, it's pumpkin spice season! Fall is honestly my favorite time of the year. Who doesn't love a season that is filled with changing leaves, pumpkin patches, bonfires, and amazing cool weather!

Well living in Florida our “fall” is a little different. It's more like a mini shift in weather from “I can cook eggs on the road” hot to “my ice cream melted before I could eat it” hot. But just because it's still 98 degrees outside doesn't mean that I don't embrace the changing season. Up north everyone might be sipping their hot coffees but down here I drinking pumpkin spice on ice.

The only struggle with fall in Florida for me is not knowing how to dress. I always want to embrace everything that is sweater weather but the actual thought of putting on a sweater in Florida is terrifying. That is why this year I partnered up with Vibe Apparel to put together some of my favorite fall styles that beat the heat. Everything is made of a soft material that falls like a dream and the simple colors can be easily dressed up or down. I absolutely love the dresses because they just go with everything. Vibe Apparel clothes are the perfect combination of comfy and cute. With mini dresses and ripped jeans, my closet is all set for fall in Florida!