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There is no angry way to say bubbles! I'm serious, try saying bubbles while you are angry and if you don't crack even the slightest of smiles then you are just dead inside. There is a reason that we can't say bubbles in an negative way, because there is simply nothing more relaxing and mood uplifting than a bubble bath. Why do you think there are millions of blogs out there about the benefits to taking at least one bubble bath a week, it is a stress cure because of all the bubbles!

So it is no secret that last week was a bit of a stressful week for me. I talked a lot about the quotes that keep me motivated but I never actually shared the ways that I like to unwind. The ways that I turn my brain off and let my mind reset itself. Well if you haven't guessed it by now I'll tell you… bubble baths! Hi my name is Kimberly and I am a bubble bath addict. Now I'm not saying I spend hours in the tub but I do try to take some me time at least once a week and boy does it make a difference. The key to a successful bubble bath however is your set of bubble bath essentials. Here are mine:

1. Bath Bombs!

Obviously if you have the time to go to your nearest Lush store and smell all the different bath bombs then do that! They have some of the bubbliest and sparkliest options that are guaranteed to brighten up your bath. But personally, being an amazon prime addict I like to be lazy and order my stuff online. My absolute favorite are the Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Bath Bombs because they turn the water a turquoise color and make me feel like I'm sitting in a Pinterest picture.

2. Body Scrub

Using a body scrub while relaxing in the tub just gives you that extra spa feeling! I really like finding one that has a nice fruity smell so I can imagine myself in some tropical oasis. The coconut mango body scrub from RAW Sugar is one that I always have on my shelf!

3. Hair Care

Now this is more of my pre-bath ritual. I like to go through my whole hair care routine while I get the bath running so by the time the tub is calling my name, I have my leave in conditioner set. At the moment I am really hooked on the vegan products from RAW Sugar, especially the bounce back shampoo and conditioner!

4. Candles and Oils

This one is mega important!! Without the mood lighting of a candle and the relaxing smell of essential oils, all you are doing is sitting in a puddle of water. By turning off all lights and taking the time to pick out some candles you will up your bath game to a whole new level. I personally really like the Coconut Mango from Lulu Candles!

And if you don't want to use scented candles, I also love using essential oils. I got myself this cool diffuser and a basic set of oils and am just sort of testing my way through them!

5. Chocolate!

You can't have bath time without a little snack. Before you get into those amazing bubbles remember to grab your favorite chocolate. I like to indulge in those chocolate covered espresso beans and maybe a glass or two of red wine to go with them… after all this is me-time!
Whether you are stressed from life or you are just in the mood to do something for yourself; a bubble bath is guaranteed to be your fix. There is nothing that can't be fixed by bubbles!

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