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My Hair Care Tips

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I have been a long hair kind of girl my whole life. I still remember watching the VMA's one year and when Miley Cyrus walked out with her gorgeous long, full hair and I was obsessed! Of course, at the time I didn't know extensions and hair fillers were a thing so I genuinely wanted my hair to look like that! From that point on I did everything in my power to keep my hair healthy and happy and boom, now I have the hair I always wanted!

So, after months of answering individual questions, I decided to sit down and write a little guide for you guys on how I take care of my hair. Now this isn't a guarantee for long hair and I am by no means an expert, these are just the weekly tips and tricks that I have picked up that work for me!

Here are my weekly Hair Care Tips:

1. I don't wash my hair everyday!

I know, this one seems basic but it is so so so important! If I wash my hair too often it gets really dry and worn out. Instead, I try to wait at least 2 days between washes. To avoid greasy or flat looking hair, I load up on dry shampoo and baby powder!

2. I use warm Oil treatments!

I have never gotten a professional, fancy hair treatment. I just don't believe in them. I do, however, believe in at home oil treatments! The longer your hair gets, the more likely it is to break off and frizz. So, at least twice, if not three times a week, I will do a DIY hair mask. Personally, I really like using coconut oil! Before bed, I will massage slightly warm coconut oil all throughout my hair and then sleeping with it in. I'll wash it the next morning and my ends will be good as new!
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3. I am super picky about the products I use!

It can be really tempting to run to the drug store and just buy whatever is cheap or smells good! DON'T DO THAT! I research every shampoo and conditioner that I use to make sure it is organic and is proven to have no harmful ingredients. A huge reason my hair has stopped breaking off is because of the products I use, like Raw Sugar.

4. I sleep with braided hair!

I am a super restless sleeper. I mean seriously I toss and turn so bad I end up upside down in my bed sometimes! That constant movement means insane friction between hair and bedsheets. I always make sure to braid my hair before I go to sleep to avoid unnecessary knots and split ends.

5. I brush my hair… A LOT!

Long hair gets tangled super easy. Now I have read a lot of articles about how over-brushing hair is really bad for it. But for me, brushing my hair throughout the day has kept it stronger.
I don't think there is one secret ingredient for growing long hair. I think that factors, like taking proper vitamins and not over-coloring it, are a big reason that my hair has grown the way it has. But I think the way I take care of it every week is just as important. If you have any secret hair care tips I would love to hear them. I am always eager to try new ideas!
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