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First Time Getting Lip Fillers

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Who knew 3/4 of a syringe could make such a difference!

Okay let’s back up the story really quickly and let’s get you guys filled in on what I’m talking about… get it… filled in haha! I’m talking about lip fillers of course!

So if you have been following along on my Instagram, you probably already know that about a week ago, I got lip fillers. Now before you freak out, I went for a very natural plump look because that is exactly what I felt I needed. And if you are here reading this now, it probably means you are thinking about or are curious about the process of getting your lips plumped up.

Well lucky for you, I documented the whole process!
WARNING: some of the pictures you will see show the needles used in the procedure.

Let me walk you through the day...
I arrived at Marlowe and Mars (I definitely recommend going to a doctor to get this procedure done vs going to a spa. It put my mind at ease) they immediately started the numbing process. Now, if you have never gotten any dental work done then you probably won’t understand the feeling I’m about to describe so let's see if I can paint you a picture. After some numbing cream and a few shots directly into my gum for what is called a dental block, the lower part of my face was numb. I'm talking NUMB! I mean, to the point where I wasn’t sure if my mouth was even closed or not…. It probably wasn’t haha.

But that's exactly what you want to feel like before the procedure starts! They let the numbing effect really sink in before walking me through what was about to happen. They explained where they would be adding the fillers and why.

What I personally really loved, was that Dr. Marlowe is very direct and clear about how the filler is going to shape certain parts of your lip. He also prefers to start with less filler and build up to make sure you are never left with duck lips.

Then it was time to bring out the needles! Fun fact about me: I used to be TERRIFIED of needles. I have gotten a lot better thanks to the multiple tattoos I got over the past year but I still hate the sight of needles! Thank the lord for the numbing because I didn’t feel a single thing in my top lip. I mean I felt it, a weird pressure to be exact, but zero pain.

Then came the bottom lip. Now, something I learned is that it is extremely hard to numb a bottom lip apparently. It was still numb but I was definitely able to feel a bit of stinging. It wasn’t super painful but it also wasn’t a walk in the park if that makes sense. It just felt like a few pricks.

But before I knew it, the procedure was over!

I got to go home right away and I spent the rest of the day icing my lips to try to reduce any extra swelling and bruising. The numbness wears off in about 2 hours and after that, there is almost no pain. If anything, it just feels like your lips are sunburnt and a little sore. The swelling continued to decrease rapidly over the next 24 hours. And aside from two little bruises on my top lip, by day 3 I had completely adjusted and my lips felt completely normal again!

For more information about lip fillers or to book your appointment visit:
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