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Get Ready For The Holidays!

think gypsy with santa hat
It is officially that time of the year again, the holiday season! It might just be me but once October hits I feel like I am just in a wave of holidays. You go from Halloween straight to Thanksgiving right to Christmas and end it with a bang on New Year's Eve! It is literally a 3 month holiday. The good news is holidays means traditions and in my family traditions usually means food and cheesy gifts!

Okay so I promise I won't write another blog that is just about food, I'll just end up getting hungry again and no one has time for that right now. So let me tell you about the cheesiness that is the gifts my family gives. We are that family that is way too into homemade and sentimental gifts. Yes, we'll order filler gifts off of Amazon just like everyone else, but we have been known to try to make one another cry of happiness on Christmas. Kind of weird? Oh, we know.

I personally, like to hit people with the emotional card that goes with the emotional gift. It's like a double whammy! I get really into personalized cards with pictures and corny quotes and all kinds of ooey gooey love. So I am sharing my secret weapon with you, Basic Invite.

This online company is one of my absolute favorites because it is one of the few greeting card companies that lets you completely customize your cards. With hundreds of colors, designs, texts, and styles; Basic Invite really lets you make the card your own to the very last detail. You can even choose from 40 different envelope colors and styles. Plus, If you aren't sure you'll like the card, you can actually order a custom sample first before committing to an order. And if you are worried about sending the cards out, there is an address capturing service. It allows you to connect to your social media platforms and request addresses directly from your friends and family and have Basic Invite print them for you.

And now that the holiday rush has begun, so has my epic card game. I have already started designing the most cuteness overloaded cards you could imagine. I mean I have puppies in Santa hats and childhood pictures going on these cards. Plus, the Christmas cards are getting this really pretty gold, silver, and rose gold foil mixed into the design. I promise I will update this blog with my actual cards once Christmas has rolled around but I would love to hear some ideas that you guys have. With over 500 Christmas and Holiday card designs you have plenty to choose from. And for a little added bonus, Basic Invite is giving you 30% off your order with the coupon: holi30.

May the holiday games begin!
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