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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Labradoodle

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Remember a few years back when the whole “doodle” craze hit the dog world? People started making doodles out of every dog breed they could think of because why not. Well now the craze has died down but you know what hasn't? Labradoodles! They are more popular than ever. I mean seriously, go on Instagram and I guarantee you'll find hundreds of pages dedicated to individual cuties!

I myself have two Labradoodles and let me tell you, they are my life!! No seriously, my entire phone is filled with picture and videos of my dogs doing cute things, even if it's just the heart-melting way they sleep and snore. These fluffy monsters are the just most amazing dogs. I mean they literally look like big teddy bears and that is exactly how they act too. It is no surprise that person after person is falling head over heels involve with their labradoodle!

So if you are looking for the perfect dog but aren't sure if you should join the doodle family, here are 5 reasons you absolutely should!

1. They are meant to be family dogs!

This is one of the biggest concern for people when they are buying dogs because a lot of animals do not have an attitude for small children or lots of people. Labradoodles absolutely do. They are gentle giants with giant hearts. They are extremely positive animals with such a steady temperament. They love nothing more than to play and get all sorts of attention!

2. They come in many colors and sizes!

With most breeds, you are restricted to the distinct features and colors of that breed. But with a labradoodle, there are so many different choices. I have a standard black labradoodle and a miniature gold labradoodle and they are both such babies!
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3. They don't shed… as much!

So a lot of people will tell you that Labradoodles don't shed. I don't really agree with that because they do, they just don't shed as much. I remember going to the dog beach with my friend and her husky and petting the wet husky having a completely black hairy hand afterward. Now that doesn't happen with doodles. As long as you maintain their coats, they really don't shed that much.

4. They are so easy to train!

It really isn't a joke when people say that Labradoodles are the easiest dogs to train. They take the best intelligence traits from a Labrador and a poodle and combine them to create a super-dog. They learn tricks like it's nothing. Now that doesn't mean that they don't have their special moments like my little ones.
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5. They are very active!

Labradoodles are part Labrador and that is definitely where their energy level is at. Although these dogs are very calm and relaxed, they are also very active. Their playfulness mixed with their good spirits make them the perfect dogs for outdoor activities. They are always up for an adventure!

6. They make amazing therapy dogs!

With the popularity of emotional support animals rising, people are discovering how great Labradoodles are for the job. They have this way of sensing your emotions and adjusting to them. Whenever I get stressed out my dog does this thing where she tries to sit on my lap and lick my nose until I laugh. It doesn't matter where I'm sitting either, she will find a way into my lap. Or if I am sick, she will lay in bed for hours on end just staring at me, waiting for something to happen! They truly do just want to help you.
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7. They are insanely loyal!

This is probably what I love most about my dogs. I know everyone says that dogs are mans best friend and that all dogs love you unconditionally. That is probably true but I have never met a dog that loves you the way that Labradoodles do. I mean my dogs are glued to my side, 24/7. If I am up, they are up. If I am sleeping, they are sleeping. It is like having a constant loving companion.

8. They have the goofiest personalities!

Sometimes I just sit on the couch and watch my dogs play because of how weird they can be. My big one has at least 12 different stuffed animals and always has to be carrying one. Let me tell you, there is nothing cuter than a fluffy giant dog carrying around a stuffed animal all day.
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9. They stay young forever!

With most dogs, you go through stages. They have the puppy stage, the adult dog stage, and the old dog stage. My Labradoodles are now 12 and 13 and they have never acted more like puppies. They keep their adorable puppy features in their faces and their energy levels never seem to change!

10. They have this look!

Anyone who owns a labradoodle knows what look I am talking about. It's like this look of just pure love and happiness. It's the “I want something and I'm going to kill you with cuteness until I get it” look. With my Labradoodles, we call it the teddy bear look!
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I could honestly write a never-ending list about why you should buy a labradoodle. Everything about them from their looks to their personality will make you fall in love with them!
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