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15 Rachel Green Quotes That Every Girl Can Relate To

We all have a favorite TV show. That show that you have binge watched so many times that you might as well be best friends with the characters. Well for me that show is Friends. Now I know a couple of years ago the trend of Friends really took off. Suddenly everyone was watching this 90s sit com again and I couldn't help but be proud of the fact that I knew every episode backwards and forwards. Yah kind of a weird thing to be proud of right? Well, not when you are on my team for bar trivia and the topic is Friends and our team is totally kicking butt because of my weird ability to quote every episode!

Okay but really, the show is filled with so many funny sayings and life lessons that are just timeless. In fact, here are 15 Rachel Green quotes that every girl can relate to:

1. When you waste hours lurking people on Instagram

2. When you see super fit girls at the gym

3. When you try to follow some trendy healthy recipe

4. When life throws you a curve ball

5. When you try to offer advice about something you don't know anything about

6. When you realize you really should have listened to your friends

7. When a guy tries to tell you what to do

8. When you try to do your makeup like a makeup blogger

9. When you stop being what people want you to be

10. When you don't want to deal with girl drama

11. When someone says something stupid and you are out of patience

12. When you think you finally figured out this whole "adulting" thing

13. When you are having a really bad day

14. When you feel like you need to have life figured out

15. When you realize that you work hard and deserve to have some fun