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Best Travel Accessories

think gypsy with trtl pillow at airport
Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep on an airplane! You get on the plane, you settle into your chair, you have all your pillows and blankets set up and then... nothing! Your legs start to cramp and the armrest is in an awkward spot and then out of nowhere, your butt goes numb. I mean seriously am I the only person who's butt falls asleep on a plane ride? Like what is that?

For years I have tried everything to sleep through those long international flights! It sounds so dreamy, fall asleep in America and wake up in Europe. Well, this past trip I finally found my miracle, my savior, my ultimate travel accessory! TRTL. Now I'm not usually one who raves about a travel pillow because I mean it's a pillow. How great can a pillow really be? Trust me when I say you have no idea what you have been missing until you try it!!
think gypsy putting on trtl pillow
The trtl pillow is not so much a pillow as it is a device that holds up your head when it wants to fall in an awkward sleeping position but has nowhere to fall! Now sleeping with your head tilted forward or sideways doesn't necessarily sound amazing but it's weirdly perfect! The first time I tried on the pillow I felt a bit like a mummy or someone who has just undergone some sort of accident being wrapped in a brace. But once I got on the plane and got over the fear of looking a bit silly, obviously not something I struggle with ;), I fell asleep almost instantly!

Not only is the original trtl pillow the perfect little accessory but they are launching a new trtl travel pillow plus that is a bit more sturdy and also adjustable in the height so you can angle your head the way that works best for you! Little bonus, it also comes in a cute little carrying pack that I just hook on my carry on!
think gypsy with trtl pillow at sarasota modern 1
think gypsy with trtl pillow at sarasota modern 2
As if I needed another reason to be a fan of trtl, they also make compression socks! If you have ever suffered from ice cold feet on an airplane, these are for you! I never really understood why my feet would be freezing on a plane every time I flew until now! I mean I would literally be wearing 3 pairs of socks and have the blanket wrapped around my legs and I still felt like I was getting frostbite on my toes! Turns out, all I needed was a good pair of compression socks to regulate the blood flow in my legs and boom, no more icicle feet!
think gypsy with trtl socks
Now simple things like a pillow and socks may not seem super important when you first start traveling but I am telling you, there is nothing more important than finding your go-to travel accessories! Knowing you'll be comfy while you travel makes the whole experience more enjoyable!

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