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Best Travel Apps for International Trips

think gypsy with travel guides
Let's face it, traveling would be so much easier if we could just snap our fingers and open our eyes in a new country! Take away all that stress and mess that is getting from point A to point B. But until teleporting gets invented, there are a bunch of little things that you can do to make your world of traveling a little bit easier. Even something as simple as an app on your phone can make a huge difference when you find yourself on the go and stressed out!

How can an app change anything? Oh, you have no idea! From helping you translate directions and street signs to finding you a means of transport in the middle of nowhere, travel apps get created for a reason!

Here are some apps I could never travel without:

1. Skyscanner:

I really really love this app when it comes to finding the best deals for flights!! If you are flexible with your dates, the app has a great feature that shows you the cheapest month to travel somewhere!

2. Tripit:

This app is awesome because it helps you keep track of all tickets, reservations, and plans all in one app! It reads your emails and automatically pulls in all information.

3. Pack point:

Remember how I told you that I am an over packer? I wasn't kidding! Pack Point is great for helping you decide how much and what kind of clothing you need to pack for a specific trip!

4. My TSA:

If you are trying to decide if your layover is going to be long enough to make it through customs, this app will help! Check wait times and monitor them to get an idea of how long you'll need at specific airports!

5. Jet lag rooster:

Jet lag is no joke! I will make sure to write a full blog with my ultimate jet lag guide but for now, this app is one I definitely recommend!! It helps you get back on a regular sleeping schedule without all the fuss.

6. Wifi-Finder:

Last but not least, internet connection!! We all know how badly we need some WiFi every now and then! This app works worldwide and will help you find that spot.

7. Waze:

We all need a good traffic app, especially when it comes to arriving on time for flights and travel appointments! Waze combines your standard GPS with traffic information as well as information from other users. This gives you the most accurate updates for your routes!

8. Rome to Rio:

I can't stress enough how many times this app has saved my butt when I was traveling!! We found ourselves stranded in Italy with no idea how we were going to get to our next destination because it was such a small town. This app finds you a way to get anywhere!!

9. Citymapper:

This app is a lot like the one above but it works best inside of big cities! I personally love using it for big city transportation because it shows you public transport options and even lets you book an Uber directly through the app!

10. What's App:

If you don't have an international phone plan, this is for you! Simply hook up the app to your phone number and you can communicate with anyone else who has the app! Make your family and friends download it ahead of time so they can call you while you are on your trip!

11. Hotel tonight:

This is your go-to for last minute hotel stays!! This is not an app for planning in advance as you can only book up to one week before arrival. But if you are looking for a room for the night, this app will take care of that for you.

12. Roomer:

Ever wonder what people do when they suddenly can't go on their trips anymore but can't get a refund on the hotel? Roomer is a great app for helping you find someone who can take over the reservation.

13. Vayable:

If you are trying to find fun local things to do when on vacation, it can be hard to know where to go. This app gives you a list of activities that are not only very affordable but also reliable!

14. Travel math:

I'm not going to lie to you, my brain hears math and just shuts down! I am not a fan of numbers. So when I found an app that helps me keep track of every cost during my trip I had to add it to the list!

15. Currency Converter:

Don't forget that different countries have different currencies! The exchange rate is something you need to understand before going anywhere and this app can help you get a handle on it.