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I Grew Up As A Travel Blogger

young think gypsy in mountains
When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Back when anything was possible and you truly believed in fairytales and miracles, what was the one dream you had for yourself? Mine was simple, I wanted to be an explorer. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to fly on airplanes, sail on boats, and climb endless mountains. Don't get me wrong, I totally wanted to become a fairy princess explorer but the explorer part was the important part to me! So you see, I have always been a travel blogger. I may not have totally known that that was what I wanted to be, but it has always been a secret part of me.

I didn't grow up like most children mostly because my parents weren't like most parents. You know how adults say that you have to completely change your life when you have children? That you have to live a more calm lifestyle in order to properly raise a family? Ya…. My parents weren't big believers in that! From the moment that I was born, they were determined to raise me while still being true to the people that they have always been. They had that wanderlust fire inside of them and they passed it on to me spark by spark with every trip we took. From learning to walk in a hotel in Vienna, Austria to losing a tooth in Venice, Italy, almost all of my big milestones were being celebrated while we were on the move. Heck, I even got to take my childhood dog on some of our trips!
Before I knew it, I was eating bucket loads of olives in Mallorca and celebrating my birthday in an RV camping lot in the middle of the Arizona canyons. I spent one winter in the snow and the next on the beach. Even once my sister was born, the adventures never stopped coming. I learned that an ordinary life was not one that I was interested in. I didn't wish for things for my birthdays, I wished for places. And as I got older, that love for travel only got stronger. Heck, you name one other teenager that agrees to a 3 month RV trip with her family…. Willingly… That's how badly I wanted to get out into our planet! My parents not only taught me about the beauty that is out in our world but also how to make the most of every second we are able to live in it. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for my parents and the way they helped shape me with their wanderlust! One day I hope that I can do the same for my children. Happy Earth Day Everyone!